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Foreward / Time Capsule

When I first became Dean of the Alberta School of Business in the summer of 1997, I remember Bill Preshing introducing himself to me and, with his trademark energy and enthusiasm, drawing me into the stories from the School’s past.
Years later, I asked him to put together and share these stories in a collection for all of us.

Three times a week, reliable as clockwork, Bill came in to the office and discriminately went through archival records, photocopied what he needed and told the staff an anecdote or two. He also still organizes charity fun runs at the Faculty Club and, generally, sets a great example as a Professor Emeritus.

I never had any doubts that Bill would find his way through the hundreds of boxes that he uncovered in the rather uncomfortable basement storage room of our building. He also spent several years going to and from University of Alberta Archives. Alumni returning to the School’s reunion open houses for the last six years met Bill, who asked questions and tried to piece together not only what might seem like drier material such as council minutes but also real life stories of what made the School such an interesting place.

I certainly didn’t know that one of our former Deans organized rodeos on campus, that Francis Winspear invited his students to his home for study sessions prior to exams, or that the concept of a Business Advisory Council has been around for eight decades. I hope you discover a few unearthed facts about your school as you read and enjoy our Chronicle.

Thanks, Bill, for seeing this project through to the end and making our history come alive!

-- Mike Percy, Stanley A. Milner Professor and Dean of Business, 1997 - Present

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“The idea conveyed by the word Commerce is that of growth and expansion. Though the School of Commerce here is as yet very young, it is a lusty infant whose membership is growing by leaps and bounds, as an increasing proportion of new students turn their eyes toward the extensive and varied field of business. Technically we are but a sub-faculty; yet in spirit we are already more, and the time is undoubtedly near when we shall be regarded as equals by the five older faculties of the University…”

- Evergreen and Gold
September 1930