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About This Project

As we approach 100 years, the University of Alberta School of Business’ history is rich in stories. Please share yours with us.

The goal of expanding what was done for A Chronicle of Commerce: A History of the School of Business at the University of Alberta, written by Dr. Bill Preshing, Professor Emeritus, and published to coincide with the University’s Centenary in 2008, will hopefully be achieved by encouraging graduates and friends to visit the website version of the book to not only comment on the rich history of the School of Business, but also contribute stories and help identify past alumni in images to create a strong, unified online alumni community.

Please remember that this is a work in progress and it’s based on written documents. We encourage you to share your memories – “the unwritten history” if you will.

We are proud of this project, as we are the only business school we are aware of that has documented its lengthy history in print and online.

“A University should be the most practical of all institutions. It should strive to find the answers to the economic and social problems of common everyday people and then share its knowledge with them.”

- Dr. Henry Marshall Tory
June 1908