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About the Website

The online version of A Chronicle of Commerce: A History of the School of Business at the University of Alberta unites the past, present and future by creating a community of faculty, alumni, current students and friends of the School of Business through sharing old and new stories.

The "unedited, extended" version of the book is organized by book chapter under A Chronicle of Commerce. This website allows this community to continue and support the work of Dr. Bill by submitting missing information from past stories and also creating new chapters, starting with Looking Forward (2010 - onward).

"My own impression is that we should look forward in the not distant future to some organization corresponding to a School of Commerce of which this might very well form a part. Commercial Departments in connection with Universities have so far not been successful in Canada, although I believe that after some years now the one at McGill is making some progress."

- Dr Tory, First President of the UofA
16 January 1919