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About the Author

Dr. William A. Preshing is Professor Emeritus at the University of Alberta School of Business. He joined the staff of the School of Commerce at the University of Alberta in 1957 as a Case Writer. After a short spell at the University of Calgary and the Banff Centre for Continuing Education, he returned to the University of Alberta in 1966 where he held, in turn, the positions of Director of Institutional Research and Planning, Director of the Office of Community Relations, and the Associate Dean (Undergraduate Program) in the School of Business.

Dr. Preshing received his BA and BEd from the University of Alberta, his MBA from the University of Western Ontario, and his PhD in Marketing from the University of Illinois. He is the author of Concepts for Managerial Decisions and Business Management in Canada: An Introduction (2nd Edition), and the co-author of Concepts and Canadian Cases in Marketing; in addition, he has written more than 300 articles on marketing and management. He has held many executive positions, both locally and internationally. He is Past President of the Friends of the Northern Alberta Jubilee Auditorium Society and is Past President of the Friends of the Provincial Museum Society. He is also President of W.A. Preshing & Associates Limited, Consultants.

An avid jogger, Dr. Preshing has organized numerous Fun Runs and relays and has been a member of various Marathon committees. He received the “Golden Shoe” Award from Runners World Magazine in August 1995. An Honourary President of the Friends of the Alberta School of Business, Dr. Preshing is married, has three children, and five grandchildren (A Chronicle of Commerce, 2008).

"My own impression is that we should look forward in the not distant future to some organization corresponding to a School of Commerce of which this might very well form a part. Commercial Departments in connection with Universities have so far not been successful in Canada, although I believe that after some years now the one at McGill is making some progress."

- Dr Tory, First President of the UofA
16 January 1919