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The Depression and World War II
(1929 - 1945)



Walter Johns refers to a number of appointments which were made during this time – appointments which would have a considerable impact in developing the School of Commerce:
•    Donald Cameron (who would eventually go on to be the Director of The Department of Extension and the Founder of the Banff Centre) was president of the Students Union;
•    “Political Economy and Commerce were re-established by the appointment of Professor G.A. Elliot and Mr. Harry Hewetson in Economics, Mr. F.G. Winspear in Accountancy, and Mr. L.Y. Cairns as Lecturer in Commercial Law.”  As well, R. Winslow Hamilton became assistant in Accounting.
[Walter H. Johns, A History of the University of Alberta, pp 116, 121-2].

    Francis Winspear, in his brief autobiography, points out that he met Dr. Robert C. Wallace, the second president of the University of Alberta, in early 1930.  “Accountancy lectures, it appeared, floundered in a sea of alcohol – The overtown lecturer had failed to meet his classes for several weeks … would I, for a fee of $700, give the two courses requiring nine lectures and labs per week?”  [Out of My Mind, Faculty of Business, University of Alberta, 1919 and Revised in 1998, p.28]  Francis Winspear was to spend almost two decades in teaching a variety of accounting courses – discontinuing lecturing in 1948.  He, however, remained a major advocate of the School of Business as will become apparent later in this Chronicle.

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"My own impression is that we should look forward in the not distant future to some organization corresponding to a School of Commerce of which this might very well form a part. Commercial Departments in connection with Universities have so far not been successful in Canada, although I believe that after some years now the one at McGill is making some progress."

- Dr Tory, First President of the UofA
16 January 1919