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A Chronicle of Commerce
The On-Line, Ongoing History of the
Alberta School of Business

Being part of one of the largest commerce programs in the country has distinct advantages. At the University of Alberta School of Business, the size of our management program means choice, opportunity, and flexibility. With its focus on being one of the best business schools
in the world, the Alberta School of Business continues to achieve new heights in research, teaching, and community service.

The 2,400 students currently enrolled in the Alberta School of Business are part of the vibrant University of Alberta community and become part of an invaluable network of alumni approaching 20,000 worldwide.

“A University should be the most practical of all institutions. It should strive to find the answers to the economic and social problems of common everyday people and then share its knowledge with them.”

—Dr. Henry Marshall Tory, Convocation 1908

“The idea conveyed by the word Commerce is that of growth and expansion. Though the School of Commerce here is as yet very young, it is a lusty infant whose membership is growing by leaps and bounds, as an increasing proportion of new students turn their eyes toward the extensive and varied field of business. Technically we are but a sub-faculty; yet in spirit we are already more, and the time is undoubtedly near when we shall be regarded as equals by the five older faculties of the University…”

- Evergreen and Gold
September 1930