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About the Book

As we approach 100 years, the University of Alberta School of Business has developed from a small department with six students into one of the top business schools in North America in terms of research, teaching, and community involvement. A Chronicle of Commerce: A History of the School of Business at the University of Alberta tells the story of how a small localized organization grew into an institution with an international reputation.

Dr. Preshing relies on his nearly 50 years’ affiliation with the faculty to take readers on a journey that places the history and development of the Alberta School of Business within the larger contexts of Alberta and Canadian history. A Chronicle of Commerce is more than just a history — it fulfills the important task of preserving interesting and often contested institutional memories (A Chronicle of Commerce, 2008).

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"My own impression is that we should look forward in the not distant future to some organization corresponding to a School of Commerce of which this might very well form a part. Commercial Departments in connection with Universities have so far not been successful in Canada, although I believe that after some years now the one at McGill is making some progress."

- Dr Tory, First President of the UofA
16 January 1919